Celebration of the Fourth August 15, 1854

Celebration of the Fourth

Pioneer and Democrat – August 15, 1854

The fourth of July was celebrated in an appropriate manner by the citizens of the Yelm Prairie, and although the proceedings on the occasion have not been furnished us for publication, we are informed that the festivities of the day were conducted and concluded creditably The address was delivered by A. B. Moyer, of Steilacoom-the declaration of Ind. Was read by T. W. Glasgow, Esq., and a free dinner was served up by the citizens at the house of James Hughes, at which the hungry multitudes might have partaken, leaving any quantity of baskets full of fragments. The vegetable kingdom, we are told, was dished up in unspared quantities, and sheep, pigs, and poultry had to suffer some. Most of the citizens in the vicinity of Yelm were in attendance, or joined in the festivities, and partook the hospitality of the prairie.

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