[James Longmire] August 16, 1889

Washington Standard August 16, 1889

Mr. James Longmire, of Yelm, called on the OLYMPIAN, today, and stated that the report published some days ago of the robbery of his son, at that place, was inaccurate in several particulars. The store was entered at night, and the safe opened and $1,000 taken from there. Nobody was assaulted, and the safe was opened without violence, although Mr. Robert Longmire is sure that it was locked on combination when the store was closed for the night. Two men, who had been at Yelm that day, and who bought tickets for Portland at Media next morning have not yet been apprehended.

Longmire’s health resort, the medical springs at the headwaters of the Nisqually, are beginning to attract considerable attention, and there is an average attendance of twenty-five guests, at this season of the year. The springs are situated about sixty-eight miles from this city, and are reached from Yelm by horses over a good trail.

Democratic Convention May 10, 1889

Democratic Convention

Washington Standard May 10, 1889

Representative Democrats from the different precincts of this county, and from the precinct of Centralia, in Lewis County, met at Columbia Hall Wednesday afternoon at 1 o’clock and transacted the following business:

The Convention was called to order by John Miller Murphy, who placed in nomination E. T. Young, for chairman of the Convention. D. L. Ward elected secretary and J. A. Taylor, of Centralia assistant secretary.

On motion, J. B. Landrum, John Miller Murphy, and P. B. Van Trump were appointed a committee on credentials and submitted the following report which was adopted:

Yelm- P. B. Van Trump and Thos. Chambers by Van Trump, proxy.

[Untitled] October 3, 1890

Washington Standard October 3, 1890

The Democrats of Thurston County met in Columbia Hall, Saturday, and made the following nominations: Legislature, A.H. Chambers, Olympia; B.F. Ruth, Yelm; Attorney J.R. Mitchell, Olympia; Sheriff, G.S. Prince, Bucoda; Treasurer, O.R. Simenson, Olympia; Auditor, Walter Crosby, Olympia; Surveyor, Theodore Young, Olympia; Assessor, J.C. Conine, Yelm; Commissioners, T.C. Van Epps, Olympia; B.B. Smith, Bucoda; J.K. Littlejohn, Black River; School Superintendent, L.R. Byrne, Bucoda; Coroner, Peter Cook, Olympia; Wreekmaster, Henry Hadlan, Olympia.